05 November 2008

Songs from the Empire - Scott Brazieal

I enjoy getting links and info sent to me by various artists. While I cannot every guarantee that I can cover every thing that comes through my inbox, I try to take a look and listen to as much as possible.

Scott Brazieal contacted me a few days ago and encouraged me to check out his music. Scott may not be a well known name, but he has an impressive musical CV, having worked with Cartoon, PFS, (Cuneiform Records) as well as 5uu's and Thinking Plague.

This is not a free download...but it's inexpensive, and more than worth the price...I plan on making a purchase ASAP as I really enjoy what I am hearing. His album is titled Songs from the Empire, and if I were forced to give the music a label (and forced from using my favourite catch all genre label of 'music I like'), I'd probably have to call this a slightly more avant take on post rock. Some of the material reminds me greatly of bands like The Ascent of Everest...at times, in fact, I'd almost want to call this chamber prog, as it evokes a certain almost orchestral feel throughout. In fact, Scott has this to say about that:

"Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't try to emphasize the fact that this album is intended to be listened to in its' entirety, as one continuous piece...it's my damn "classical" pedagogy y'know...sigh...although, not to intimate that it doesn't work within our current cultural paradigm of single-song downloading..."

You can hear the whole album for free here: http://www.virb.com/songsfromtheempire

If, like me, you like what you hear, you can purchase and download the album here: http://amiestreet.com/music/scott-brazieal/songs-from-the-empire/

Check it out...this is music that pushes some of the boundaries in ways that I like.

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