16 October 2008

SETLIST: Porcupine Tree (DVD shoot #1)

Obviously, spoilers follow. I'll give a few spaces, but if you read on, don't get upset at me...

(spoiler space)

The setlist for the first show shot for the next Porcupine Tree live DVD, as relayed by an attendee of the show:

Fear of a Blank Planet
My Ashes



Way out of Here

Sleep Together

-short break-

Stars Die

Open Car

What Happens Now

Wedding Nails

Dark Matter

Half Light


Blackest Eyes

Sleep of No Dreaming

Nice to see a good little clutch of songs from Signify and The Sky Moves Sideways...a shame that this show did not feature the abridged TSMS the band played a few times earlier in the year, but more shows are to follow, so the opportunity still exists.

Now, to convince them to dust off "Voyage 34" again...


Anonymous said...

Glad to see they played FoaBP all the way through; I was really hoping the DVD would have them playing the complete album as one piece.

Bill K. said...

That was, I believe, one of the motivating factors behind this...this tour was to be the last one where they were going to play the entirety of FoaBP, and as such Steven felt the need to document it.

JCu said...

Awesome that you got this info, I'm totally hoping for Dark Matter on the DVD *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

When will this dvd be available for purchase?