24 October 2008

Rouge Ceil to perform at FMPM 2009

Rouge Ciel is one of the finest "avant-prog" groups (a label they would never use themselves) from Quebec today. A quartet with two ex-members of Le Fanfare Pourpour, they have released two albums to date. "Rouge Ciel" combines rock, folk, Eastern music, jazz, and other styles for a result straddling the line between Quebec's musique actuelle scene and much folk-based avant-progressive such as Volapuk. They have also been compared to Miriodor, Maneige, and Conventum. To be compared to so many different-sounding groups is essentially saying that their exact sound is hard to pin down relative to any one group; it is their own.

The second album, "Veuillez Proc├ęder" (2005), notches up the intensity and complexity and largely dispenses with the more pastoral aspects of the first. It was well received in avant-progressive circles and we have been getting requests to have them play for the last couple of years.

This Winter the band is working out the compositions for their third album, and expect to debut a significant amount of music at FMPM 2009.

Rouge Ciel joins an emerging line-up for FMPM 2009 that includes Italy's DFA and England's Thieves' Kitchen. The fourth edition of the FMPM takes place in Montreal, September 12th and 13th 2009. You can check our web-site out at www.fmpm.net.


Anonymous said...

So... You comin' to FMPM or what?


Uncle Bob

Bill K. said...

I'd like to. There's a lot of changes going on. So I can't promise. But I'd like to.