14 October 2008


NEARfest '09 is pleased to announce that SUPERSISTER has signed on for Sunday evenings #3 slot. The band will be playing their 40th anniversary reunion gig in the United States at NEARfest `09.

While in school in 1968 they formed under the moniker Sweet Ok Sister but soon after changed their name with the departure of their first singer. Once under the name SUPERSISTER the band took a more serious approach to music making and gave us some of the finest progressive music from the era. Whether it was their debut `Present From Nancy' or `To the Highest Bidder', `Pudding En Gisteren' and `Iskander' the band made music that was well respected then and still is to this day. The band walked a line between Canterbury and Psychedelic with some intelligent pop thrown in for good measure. Robert Jan Stips (keys, vocals), Ron van Eck (bass) and Marco Vrolijk (drums), will regroup for NEARfest '09 although it will be minus Sacha van Geest (flute) who unexpectedly passed away in 2001. The band has a new flautist who will step in for the event to make the show complete.

Recently the band had their song "She Was Naked" featured in the 2007 Joy Division biopic `Control'. With this nod the band have recently found themselves in the spotlight once again with a new wave of interest both at home in The Hague and abroad. So get ready to welcome SUPERSISTER as we shine the spotlight on "The love child of Frank Zappa and Caravan" at NEARfest '09!

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