01 October 2008

Blog News Update

Hello all.

A few days ago, I mentioned the '10 Questions With...' project getting off the ground. In fact, it started earlier today with our interview with Dave Kerman. I mentioned in that post a few days ago that there were several other people I was awaiting word from, and at this point, I'd like to tease a little more with some additional players who will be sitting down with me in a virtual, cyber-interview kind of way:

Brett Kull (echolyn, Grey Eye Glances)
Greg Jones
(Pinnacle drummer)
Simon Gannett
(Mirthrandir keyboardist)
and Henry Ptak (Advent keyboardists)

As always, there'll be more to come, so watch this space. Remember we have an RSS feed (link at the very bottom of this page), so if you use a feed reader, you should be able to get notification of new posts as they go up.

Thanks for your continued reading.

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