27 October 2008

Hugh Hopper news update

Another older article, but again, just found out today.

From his website:

Well, the back pain disappeared, but in June I was diagnosed with leukemia.

I am having ongoing treatment and it's going well. Chemotherapy has advanced a lot recently and it's not the horrible ordeal it used to be. I had no real problems with the chemo. Had some minor infections after the course finished, but that's because the body has no defences for a couple of weeks.

The team at Canterbury Hospital are brilliant - really supportive, and the hospital is part of a national Clinical Trial, so they always have the state of the art medication and no funding problems.

I have to start another course of chemo soon which means I can't travel to do gigs, but I am feeling positive about my life. My dear love Christine has been a miracle worker, making sure I have all the best food and supplements. It's actually harder for the people around than it is for me - I just have to relax in hospital, being cared for.

Fred Baker and Roy Babbington have been doing the Soft Machine Legacy gigs in my place. Roy of course was a guest already on Soft Machine albums and took over from me when I quit the group in 1973. And Fred from Phil Miller's In Cahoots is a wonderful player - much better than me technically!

Onwards and upwards!

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