11 October 2008

Robin Trower news: live album, tour with Jack Bruce

Royal Oak Live CD | Nov 19 Release | Pre-orders Available Soon

The live CD recorded at the Royal Oak Theatre, entitled RT@RO.08, will be released around Nov. 19, with pre-orders accepted at the Robin Trower online store sometime this weekend. For a preview of the cover art, a video preview and two tracks from the album, head over to either http://trowerpower.com or the Robin Trower Community site at http://trowerpower.com/community.

2009 Tour Is In The Works


Robin and Jack Bruce will be playing a few dates in Feb '09.

2/25/09 - The Hirsch, Nürnberg - http://www.der-hirsch.de/

2/26/09 - Kantine, Köln - http://www.kantine.com/

2/28/09 - Keizerkarelpodia, Nijmegen

There are no Trower/Bruce shows planned for the U.S. in 2009, however, we are looking at booking an RTB tour starting mid-May -- two legs each of about 25-28 shows. Columbus and Cleveland will be in the second leg, which will start mid-August.

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Anonymous said...

Trower had an interview recently here in Dayton, OH, and he said he still has a big fan base!
His guitar stylings seem to continue to facinate fans, especially when he does solos; and I agree, there's nothing like good ol' rock and roll, like ZZ Top do when they get going.
But as for Jack Bruce, I actually wasn't that impressed with his bass playing when he did the reunion show recently at Albert Hall with Clapton.