22 October 2008

Pain of Salvation DVD news

Title: The Second Death Of...

Setlist DVD 1:
01. Scarsick (Scarsick)

02. America (Scarsick)

03. ! (Entropia)

04. Nightmist (Entropia)

05. Handful of Nothing (One Hour By The Concrete Lake)

06. New Year's Eve (One Hour By The Concrete Lake)

07. Ashes (The Perfect Element Part I)

08. Undertow (Remedy Lane)

09. This Heart of Mine/Song for the Innocent (Remedy Lane/The Perfect Element Part I)

10. Chain Sling (Remedy Lane)

11. Diffidentia (Be)

12. Flame to the Moth (Scarsick)

13. Disco Queen (Scarsick)


14. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

15. Cribcaged (Scarsick)

16. Used (The Perfect Element Part I)

recent update (8/13/08)

Originally Posted by Daniel Gildenlow
"The DVD is starting to come together, and will consist of two separate discs - one will be the live show from our last tour, and the other one will be a documentary following the band on the 2005 tour, which marked the end of that line-up. The fact that the band has seen such major changes the last two years made it very difficult emotionally to invest time and energy in this product, and it wasn't until the documentary draft was proposed by Per Hillblom that I started to see what this DVD was trying to communicate. We still have a few commentary tracks to record but we are starting to see the end of it."

(on the next album)
"We are starting to get a grasp of the tons of material that I have been working on in my head. My vision is that the next album will be recorded in our rehearsing room, and we have started to prepare ourselves and the rehearsing room for this. The material that I am focusing on for the album at the moment, is some sort of cross breed between the heavy early 70s in the vein of Sabbath/Zeppelin and the dark weirdness of Faith no More/Soundgarden together with a touch of fragile suggestiveness displayed by The Doors/Jeff Buckley. Add some energetic Foo Fighters and you will start to get the picture..."

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firefly said...

Daniel played live once with The Flower Kings on their "Adam and Eve" tour, I think it was, and did a pretty good job, albeit it was hard to know when he was playing for some reason, but he played a lot of instruments and sang, too.
I've heard one of his albums, sort of reminds me of Porcupine Tree a little, for some other unknown reason.