27 October 2008

Jimmy Carl Black (Mothers of Invention) news

From Eugene Chadbourne's home page, http://www.eugenechadbourne.com/:

"There is no easy way to put this, my best friend and longtime partner Jimmy Carl Black is dying of cancer. He had a tumor removed from one of his lungs after we got back from our tour of Japan. That turned out to be the final Jack and Jim Tour.

Cancer was found in his lungs, then it was detected in both kidneys and brain. He has retired completely from the music business and is staying at home with his wife Moni. One can lend support to his medical bills and general quality of life in this situation by visiting THE JIMMY CARL BLACK GIFT SHOP at www.cafepress.com/jimmycarlblack.

I am here to tell you that Jimmy Carl is one of the greatest guys I have ever known. I will never forget my wonderful times with him. Being able to play guitar on top of his backbeat and teach him the things I have learned about self-publishing have to be among the highlights of my career."

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