31 October 2008

Iluvatar to play ROSfest 2009

Iluvatar are a band from Baltimore, Maryland recognized as one of America's premier progressive rock bands. Having a solid foundation in rock music, Iluvatar combines different elements from other genres such as jazz, classical, and psychedelia, and weaves them into sound tapestries that, while pushing the boundaries of the standard rock formula, remain very accessible, even radio-ready. Although often incorporating extended instrumental passages, time signature shifts, strong dynamics, and sometimes unconventional arrangements, the music steers away from the self-indulgence of many artists that fall into the "progressive" genre. The focus remains on creating unique songs with strong memorable melodies and heartfelt vocals. The end result is music that can be appreciated by both the casual listener and aficionado alike.

The band is made up by lead singer Glenn McLaughlin, Dennis Mullin - Guitars, Jim Rezek - Keyboards, Dean Morekas - Bass, Backing Vocals and Chris Mack - Drums, Percussion.

To date the band has recorded three great albums Iluvatar's self-titled debut CD was released on Kinesis Records in November 1993 and quickly became the label's top-seller. Iluvatar re-entered the studio in March 1995 to record "Children", their second album for Kinesis, and firmly established Iluvatar as one of the premier American bands in the 90's progressive movement. In 1997 Iluvatar released their third album "A Story Two Days Wide".

In addition to numerous headlining shows, Iluvatar has played before progressive rock fans at both ProgScape 94 and 96 in Baltimore, one of New York City's ProgNights in 96, ProgDay 96 in North Carolina, and ProgEast in Quebec, Canada. They played to packed theaters in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 1997, and performed in Mexicali, Mexico at BajaProg 98 as well as NEARfest 2000 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Iluvatar are currently in the midst of recording their long-awaited new studio album and they will feature their new music at RoSfest.

For more on information on Iluvatar head on over to the RoSfest website and check out the complete bio and sample the free MP3.

Iluvatar website - http://iluvatar.com/
Iluvatar Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/iluvatar2006
Check out the bands bio and MP3 - http://www.rosfest.com/Performers-2009/Iluvatar.htm

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