04 February 2008

Upcoming reissues from Caroline Records

from MusicTap:

You should watch for some interesting things coming down the pike from our friends at Caroline Records. They have upcoming 2CD reissues of some Marillion titles that include Fugazi (1984), Clutching at Straws (1987), Misplaced Childhood (1985), Script for a Jester's Tear (1983), as well as Season's End (1989). All of these previous Import titles will be domestically released on March 25.

And if those weren't enough, the label will also reissue 8 Van der Graaf Generator titles in the Japanese-styled mini-LP sleeves. The titles will include Godbluff (1975), H to He Who Am The Only One (1970), The Least We Can Do is Wave to Each Other (1969), Pawn Hearts (1971), The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome (1977), Still Life (1976), Vital - Live (1978), and World Record (1976). These, like their previous announcements, are scheduled for March 25.

My assumption is the Marillion reissues will be the same as the EMI issues from 1997-ish, and as such, no need to purchase, as I have the complete set of 1997 reissues, including the mostly superfluous Best of Both Worlds 2-CD comp...no clue on the VdGG issues, though if these are coming out at domestic prices, I might plump for the VdGG releases. I am only missing Godbluff and Vital/Live of the 'original' band, but I might not be able to resist the lure of a complete set of mini-LP esque issues.

Once they are in hand, I'll let you know how they compare to the EMI/Charisma releases.

Oh, and don't forget...Van der Graaf Generator's new album, Trisector (their first as a trio of Hammill/Evans/Banton), is due out on 17 March.

corrected for typo in dating on one album release, thanks to reader brucekg for pointing this out to me...this will teach me to check things I get from other sites...


Mark said...

Hard to understand the domestic Marillion reissues of the Fish era. You can find them without much trouble at your used CD shop. Sweet Caroline may take a bath on this one.

Bill K. said...

Hmm...didn't really think about that. But I mean, I bought the 2-CD remasters back when they came out in 1997, so I have no need for them anyway.

I find it odd, but then again, reissue campaigns rarely if ever make sense.