14 February 2008

TOOL to begin work on new album?


TOOL frontman Maynard James Keenan has told MTV.com that the band will soon be reconvening to start kicking around song ideas for the group's fifth studio album.

"We're going to start writing the new
TOOL record right away," he said.

didn't say when he expected the band to start tracking the effort, when it might be ready for release or what it might sound like. But with TOOL's touring schedule wide open for the foreseeable future, he said it's time for the band to buckle down. He also elaborated on TOOL's creative process.

"The music always comes first,"
Keenan said. "We all get in a room, shut out all the extra noises from the other people and what goes on outside the room and just focus on the four of us, where we are that day. And then we just start making sounds."

has been nominated for several Grammy Awards over the years, and they've even won three: "Best Metal Performance" in 1997 and 2001; and "Best Recording Package" in 2006 for their most recent LP, "10,000 Days". This year, TOOL was up for "Best Hard Rock Performance" again, for the "10,000 Days" track "The Pot", but they lost the award to the FOO FIGHTERS.


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