18 February 2008

Magenta METAMORPHOSIS release updates

From the band:

Magenta are delighted to announce that pre-orders on their 4th studio album Metamorphosis have begun via the Magenta shop at : www.magentamembers.co.uk/catalog

The album, will retail at £10 with free postage anywhere in the world. All pre-orders placed via the Magenta shop will be despatched from 22nd March, prior to the album's general release on April 21st. A North American edition released via Lasers Edge will come out on May 6th.

Sound clips of the album will shortly be available from our website and can now be heard via the Magenta myspace page at

We also pleased to announce that we have a special treat for Magenta fans. The Metamorphosis Collection DVD contains over 3 hours of fascinating material filmed over the last few months during the making of the album, including a Dolby 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire album. The DVD contains the following:

1. Making of Metamorphosis Documentary. (52.55)

This includes footage filmed during the recording of the CD and interviews with the album's key contributors

2. Inside the Mix with Rob Reed (55.34)

Rob Reed behind the mixing desk revealing what makes each track tick.

3. Interview with Rob and Steve Reed (21.00)

Rob and lyricist Steve Reed talk about the origins and concept behind the album

4. Interview with Steve Reed (9.09)

Steve Reed talks about the lyrics and concepts behind each track

5. Complete Dolby 5.1 Surround Mix (53.00)

The whole album presented exclusively in glorious Dolby 5.1 surround sound

6. Prekestolen Video (3.43)

Studio Montage video of the Prekestolen track

The DVD will be in one format - NTSC - and will cost £13, with free postage worldwide. For the time being it will ONLY be available via the Magenta shop, prior to a general release later in the year. The DVD can be pre-ordered now, and will be despatched from 22nd March, at the same time as the album.

..and we've now added a download of the first 12 minutes of The Ballad of Samuel Layne, available from the front page of the Magenta website at
www.magenta-web.com or by following this link:


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