26 February 2008

Syn news update

The Future (of The Syn) Will Be Televised
New core lineup announced as Brislin, Dunnery and Nardelli

February 24th, 2008 — As a founder of TheONETV and founding member of the band The Syn, Steve Nardelli has always shown himself to be a true innovator on many different levels. With the recording of the new Syn CD (Big Sky) Nardelli takes that spirit of innovation to a new plateau. The recording process of the album is going to be filmed and televised via IPTV broadcast and mobile telephones world-wide. Music fans will have an intimate, inside experience - a concept that is sure to take off so remember where it originated.

Nardelli is the lead singer, songwriter and overall "main man" of The Syn. In the past, The Syn has included Yes members Chris Squire, Pete Banks and Alan White in its ranks, and currently boasts a lineup that is every bit as impressive. Nardelli is joined by Francis Dunnery on guitar and vocals and Tom Brislin on keys and vocals. Dunnery is probably best known for his work in the legendary band It Bites and for his great solo work. He also played in Robert Plant's band (the Led Zepplin connection continues with Umbrello Records featuring John Paul Jones on their up-coming Julie Felix release). Tom Brislin was the very talented keyboardist for Yes on their symphonic tour and not only has worked with Meatloaf and Debbie Harry but also has his own band called Spiraling, which has developed quite a following. The Syn will also be joined on the new album by a number of very notable guest performers.

The CD release will mark the launch of Nardelli's US operation. His new company - based in New York - is Umbrello Music Entertainment. UME's main focus will be delivering quality music via such Web 2.0 portals as IPTV, mobile telephone and multi-digital download. "Technology is transforming the industry." says Nardelli. "You can either be a part of it or sit back and watch. Either way, it's going to change the way music is presented from here on out."

In step with his innovative style, Nardelli will lend his vocal and songwriting talents to "14 Hour Technicolour Dream: The Virtual Band." This side-project will feature the talents of many individual musicians working together - virtually - from locations throughout the USA. Participants signed onto the project thus far include Umbrello Records recording artists Kurt Michaels and Anton Roolaart, the California-based indie band The Tomorrowes, and both indie recording artist/producer Kevin Still and vocalist/project executive producer Steve Sikes-Nova. 14HRTD:TVB is currently underway with plans to have its first Nardelli-penned song ready for release around the same time that Big Sky will be released worldwide.


virginiaprograsser said...

Thanks for the coverage, Bill. Very cool blog you have here. I have bookmarked it and will be reading it regularly.


Steve Sikes-Nova
14 Hour Technicolour Dream: The Virtual Band
Newgrass, Prog & More! Web Radio & Music Interviews

Bill K. said...

My pleasure :o)

Adam said...

Dunnery & Brislin. Interesting.

Bill K. said...

It's an interesting pairing to be sure...

Mark said...

Seems a bit of an odd line-up for a band that got it's start in the 60s. A cynic might say that Nardelli is just trying to find a workable combination that can be a meal ticket, after the collapse of the last line-up. Still, let's hope for the best. Some good music may yet come forth.


Adam said...

Mark -- Can't disagree. Dunnery would have been all of what, 5 or 6 when the original band was together? And Brislin I'm guessing younger still. So it's certainly a bit of a mercenary move on Nardelli's part I think. But as a fan of the guys he's brought on board, I say hmm, interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nardelli has put another very cool band line-up together. It's very interesting.

firefly said...

Okay, someone please help me: Wasn't there supposed to be a Syn reunion tour recently, with Squire and Banks?
Secondly, what is Indie music? Indian? Independent?

Anonymous said...

Dunnery and Brislin both seem like nice guys.

Hope they know what they're doing!!