12 February 2008

IOMA news

OK, this really isn't news...it's been known for nearly 4 weeks. But as apparently it's not gotten around as much as I thought it had, here it is:

Moving on from Inside Out.

Well our time with Inside Out has come to a close. SPV is taken over US operations. Jim Pitulski and myself (Eric Corbin) will be moving onto Umbrello Records and The One TV. Websites/MySpace sites will be up soon.

Jim and I are currently managing Bloodclot from NYC. Its an all-star hardcore band featuring members of Biohazard, The Cro-Mags, Pro-Pain and Merauder. Their new album, "Burn Babylon Burn," will be out in early 2008.

I am also currently doing US publicity for the new Pagan's Mind CD, "God's Equation." Release date is January 15, 2008. Great band, great record, but you guys probably already know that.


Our first release for Umbrello Records in 2008 will be the John Paul Jones solo album. I can't wait to sink my teeth into that one.


Please come on over to our new MySpace site and become our friend so we can keep you updated on everything that is going on with us.


Thanks for all the support with Inside Out! I will keep this MySpace page up until things get completely settled.

All the best,
Eric Corbin
Roundtable Entertainment, Inc.

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