03 February 2008

New book on progressive rock

by Charles Snider
364 pages
ISBN 978-0-6151-7566-9
Distributed by Lulu.com
Cover art by Matt Howarth

DESCRIPTION: Dig out that long lost box of vinyl records, slap on some headphones and travel back to the ‘70s: prog rock! The bastard child of all rock’s offspring was heavy, bombastic and flashy - and all the better for it. Here’s your veritable guide to progressive rock, with band histories, musical synopses and critical commentary, all presented in the historical context of a time line. Album by album, we’ll chart each release from the giant dinosaurs of the era and uncover eccentric Eurorock obscurities as we create the ultimate head music play list. We'll trip through concept records, indulgent solos and epic album-side long compositions in a definitive reappraisal of rock’s most cerebral and renowned genre. The candid prologue and epilogue offer one of the most coherent portraits of the progressive rock era, while the discography details offshoots, solo albums, side projects and more - it’s all inside!

(This book may be ordered here.)

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