13 February 2008


I'd like to thank Progscape webmaster Mike Ostrich for taking on this blog as a front page feature. Michael and I have had a working relationship for several years now, with me writing quite a few reviews for his site.

For new readers...welcome. These posts serve a number of purposes:

1) I try to post frequent updates with news about tours, new CD and DVD releases, band news and so on. I get information from a wide range of sources, trying to create a sort of 'one stop shop' feel to things. I'm not infallible, however, and things are filtered through my own personal interests to a degree, but I try to be all inclusive. I don't care what sub-genre of music a band is...if it's newsworthy, and I find the info in a timely manner, I'll try to post it.

2) Interspersed amongst the news posts will be pieces of more opinion-based material. Reviews are one thing, of course...and I'll try not to post them in here. However,

I do have thoughts on the genre...on bands, reactions to newsworthy things, and so on. I'll try to label those posts as such, in order to ensure that you know going in if you're reading cold hard facts or personal opinions.

3) I welcome comments and commentary. If you clock on the post title, it will take you to the blog page, where you can then post your comments or replies. Currently I am allowing all readers to comment...that may change in the future. We'll have to see, especially if the blog gets syndication elsewhere.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the Cirkus (that's a King Crimson reference ;-) )

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