20 February 2008

Magma announces new pianist

Le nouveau pianiste de Magma s'appelle Bruno RUDER, on peut en savoir un peu plus sur lui en faisant quelques rapides recherches sur le ouèbe, notamment ici:


Translation (rough) for our non-Francophone readers:

Magma's new pianist is Bruno Ruder. You can find out a little more about him by doing a quick search on the web, in particular here:



Adam said...

"le ouèbe". Huh. That's a new one for me.

Anyway, I'm sure this guy will be fully capable, but will certainly miss Manu.

It's a quick and quality replacement for Antoine that worrys me more, frankly. Maybe Klaus will want to do a show or two...?

Any other news that's fit to print at this point?

Bill K. said...

My understanding is that this new member is a fairly accomplished French jazzer...of course, many other Magma pianists were as well, and had to 'learn' to play Magma style material.

I agree that a replacement for Antoine is more concerning for me...with Stella and Isabelle still in the band, the female vocal parts are reasonably well handled. It would be nice to think that Klaus might be re-enlisted short term, but we'll have to see. I was thinking Benoit might have replaced Manu for the short term, but perhaps not.

More news...nothing firm yet. I just don't want to deal in supposition.

I do understand, howeverm that Epok IV should be available at your friendly local avant prog online dealer (be it ReR, Wayside, or even Laser's Edge) sometime next week. That I need...and maybe finally get a copy of Epok I as well.