25 February 2008

Camel: Andrew Latimer health update

In the event that you did not know, Camel guitarist/vocalist Andrew Latimer underwent a stem cell/bone marrow transplant 3 months back, give or take, trying to treat an ongoing illness. The following is the most recent update from Susan Hoover:

Day 90 post transplant

Up until about 3 weeks ago, Andrew was doing fantastically. None of the expected side-effects had occurred and he was released from hospital just before Xmas. He certainly couldn't run a marathon, but we enjoyed the holidays with a new, and very grateful, perspective. Andrew began to slowly return to work, getting in a few good hours of writing and recording each day. It looked as if he really would "sail through" this intense and aggressive treatment...

Things took a turn in early February and he has suffered a bit of a setback, being readmitted to hospital where he remains until the doctors can "put him right" (as his chief consultant put it). I am reassured on a daily basis that they are as optimistic as ever so I do not worry unduly. But I have been honest with you all from the start and will continue to be so by telling you that he is a bit down-spirited, and quite taxed in his energy. If I could take his place, I would. How many of us wouldn't offer ourselves for someone we love? But, it doesn't work that way. This is Andrew's path and none of us can alter it. We can, however, continue to send him our support. I know for certain that all those candles burned an energy straight to his heart and left a light. He could use a few more, I think, to lift his spirits. If you can, please light an Hour Candle for him and spend just awhile sending him your unique, positive energy. No matter how strong we are, an indefinite stay in a hospital can set the dark thoughts in motion. Throw a little light if you can.

Thank you for your many emails of kind words and concern. I'm sorry I can't reply and hope you will accept my thanks.

Ever grateful,

Susan Hoover

(Personal side note: I know how difficult a stem cell transplant can be, having gone through one myself. It's very draining, yet at the same time, it can work wonders. Going on 7 years now from my transplant, it is my sincere hope that AL makes it through this setback so his gifts can be shared with us for years to come.)


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Andy...
Hang in there man!!
I have a good feeling about you.
You're the greatest!!



Bill K. said...

Thanks for the comment, Tom! I hope beyond hope that Andrew pulls through. His gifts have brought me such musical joy over the years.

How did you find this blog, if I might ask?

Anonymous said...

Thinking of Andy every day and hoping his return to good health occurs quickly.
David, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Bill K. said...

Agreed...I hope Andy has many more years of sharing his music with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Bill. My thoughts are with Andy and Susan during this difficult time.

The little I know of Susan over the years, I believe her love, strength and devotion will get Andy through this. They lit an hour candle for my father when he passed away some years ago, so the least I can do is send some positive energy to them.

Son of PD, Ireland

silverjoe said...

Andrew Latimer is the best guitarist ever, and having met him several times he is also a true gentleman. Get well soon Andy, we Camel fans love you and always will.

Chris Page said...

I am glad Andy is recovering and that his journey continues.I pray that his path will be light and I look forward to hearing his music again.

Chris Gloucester UK

Anonymous said...

I just returned from following Cowboy Junkies around Northern Califonia for the past week and a half and have been searching for any new news on Andy's status. Without the Camel website up, it's hard to find out what's going on.

My prayers are with Andy and Susan.

San Jose, CA

Bill K. said...

, John.

I'm about to post the most recent update; check the main page in a few minutes' time...

fede said...

I wish all the best to Andrew.I'm sure he will be fine soon ciao Fede,Rome Italy

Aussie Pete said...

I've been into Camel since my early 20's. I'm now 54.
Thanks to Andrew and the rest for assisting in the soundtrack of my life.
Your music has and continues to give me comfort and hope.
Peter from Australia

Anonymous said...

I am going to Cobh in two weeks, I will light an Hour Candle in Saint Coleman's Cathederal for Andrew. Hope from the Harbour of Tears - Jim (Walsall UK)

Anonymous said...

I will be in Cobh in two weeks. I will light an Hour Candle in Saint Coleman's Cathederal for Andrew. Hope from the Harbour of Tears.

God Bless - Jim (Walsall)

Salvador said...

Las mejores vibras desde México. Aquí también te estamos poniendo velitas para que te mejores.

(Best vibes from México)

Salvador. Tlalpan, Distrito Federal.

Bill Merriman said...

Andy......the music you have provided us with all these years will carry you thru this. For it is a master collection of quality music like none other. Bonnie and I pray for you everyday. Play on!



Anonymous said...

Keep fighting - I love your music and it has brought me so much pleasure. Your guitar licks are amazing!
It must be a great source of pleasure to you that you have touched so many people with your music!
Get well soon so that you can make some more fabulous music!

j'pop said...

I discovered Andy's music during an extended mourning period in 1975/76 when I heard The Snow Goose album played in entirety on a San Francisco radio station. It was incredibly comforting and the sadness expressed in the lilting guitar playing touched me deeply and made me feel there was someone out there who had undergone incredible sadness too. We love you Andy and I have bought every one of your Camel albums including the concert DVDs. You should have been more renowned than the Floyd, I don't know how it couldn't have happened and brought you the material reward you deserve. I attended one of your concerts in SF back in the late 1970s and you were incredible! I pray for your happy recovery. I know you and Susan were in Sunnyvale until recently. I am now in Carmel Valley and just listened to Harbour of Tears today. Best to you both.


Rob Smith said...

Dear Susan and Andrew,

Mu thoughts are with you these times and I am shure that you also find the good things this period of your lifes. Thanks Andrew for your great musical gifts to us. This is my way to give you my thanks to you to feel a little bit better. You was the one who inspired me to play guitar. Thanks!

Rob Smith
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I became a bonemarrow doner to my brother two years ago in Toronto Canada,and he is doing fine.I pray that you will have the faith and POWER to carry on,God bless you.J.Anthony

Anonymous said...

Andrew Latimer-
I wish you a swift recovery! Your musicanship is very much appreciated and I care very much for you. Just got dvd's: Curriculum Vitae, Footage I. Love your stuff. God bless you!

So Cal, USA

Anonymous said...

Wishing you love and a speedy recovery. You have Inspired me in my Guitar Playing, I love your playing.. Hang on in there little strides day by day, Claw your way back with desire to play again, It's just a test life throws at you!, you will be fine, don't give up. Love Phil merseyside UK.

j.Anthony said...

On youtube the video"the snow goose excerpts" has been played 275.348 times.Lets light as many candles for Andy.God bless you.J.Anthony Toronto, Canada

Marcelo Castro said...

Andy, I truly and honestly wish you the best. I discovered your music when I was a young teenager in 1982, when finding a British long play in my country (Argentina) was almost a mission impossible because of the stupid war that involved our countries. I still keep that original long play of the Camel work of 1973 clean and safe. I soon realized what special your music is. What special your ideas are. All your works mean something for me and are related to something special in my life. I perfectly remember that day about 8 years ago when I finally could see Camel playing in my city. Andy, don't give up. Your fans and family deserve much more from you! And you too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy, You've worked hard all of your life and always did your best. Do so now. It is alright to rest for awhile when you need it. God has already blessed you and given you to us to raise us up. You are magical. Louise Stastny

lunersea said...

Andrew, Your music and compositions have transended me - per to say. Timeless! I would'nt be writing this if my thoughts were not with you. Everyday I look forward to hearing your works, and I always will!


Anonymous said...

AS melhoras para este grande guitarrista que me fez gostar de música um senhor dentro do palco.
From Porto Portugal.

Paul Harrison said...

Sincerely hope you make a proper recovery you've been a true inspiration to me since I was a kid, never pick up a guitar without playing something of yours.
Paul H

Anonymous said...


Helio Jenné said...

I wish Andy a complete recovery and expect his return to the stages, for he is one of the greatest musicians of the world. A big hug from your Brazilian fan.

Robert said...

Hello Andrew. Thank you so much for all the inspiration you have supplied me with in my own guitar playing years. I know know what it feels like to suffer and deal with medical problems myself, so for what it's worth, I'll pray for your complete recovery. Bob Edwards, Ogden, Utah

pcbear said...

Haven't heard anything from Susan Hoover for a while so was searching the Internet today to see what would come up on a search on "Andrew Latimer", and found this blog. As one of Camel's many longtime fans I cannot even begin to say what Camel and Andy's music have meant to me over my life. Suffice to say Camel is one of only a few bands of whom I have every album of theirs I can get my hands on. I cannot conceive of my life without Camel's music as a soundtrack. Get Well, Andy, We Love You.

Les Kooyman
California Desert

keenom said...

Dear Andrew:
Just found this blog tonight. I've loved Camel since the early eighties when I found a used copy of Moonmadness. I'm listening to Mirage tonight. I have health issues too. I'm a guitarist from Oregon, 58 years old. Wrote a book about Michael Bloomfield. I wish you all the very best of feeling good. Your gift on the instrument is superb. If you ever get to Portland email me at keenom at gmail dot com. Write any old time.

Anonymous said...

Camel music will last forever !

I've been searching the net for an update on Andrew's health - any nes anyone ?

I do hope he is well, and improving every day !


Anonymous said...

All our best to you Andy.Thank you for the beautiful music. Been listening for 20 years. While searching for cancer info. I came across Beta Glucans to strength the immune system. I get mine from http://www.transferpoint.com/c-3-.aspx
Not promoting here; just trying to help a fellow cancer patient.

Anonymous said...

Hi andy hope your health is better, i saw camel at the appolo glasgow when in my teens i think it was around nude album best concert i have been to was away from music for years dew to health probs but just got most of camel lps from ebay i feel like a teenager again in my wee studio trying to play along with your rifs and petes lead lines, i believe God gives music as a gift to people like you to put a little happiness into others lives, i would like to have met you to personally thank you for your music but i hope this says it may God bless you Yours in Christ stevie scotland

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

hope your recovering is progressing and bad times are gone. My family and me were with your these last cruel years. Last time we met on your farewell tour in Paderborn/Germany. Hope you will be able to compose and be back on stage some day.

All the best from Dortmund in Germany


Mary said...

Hi Andy from Sue and Mary at Bay Books! We are thinking good thoughts about how much we enjoyed talking with you and hope you are a-ok! Someday e-mail us or drop in!

Sue and Mary
Bay Book CO.
Half Moon Bay, California

Anonymous said...

Truly hope you are continuing to recover
Was really into your playing in the seventies. Hadn't listened to any Camel for a long time but have recently watched and listened to all the you tube tracks. It just reminded me what an excellent guitarist you are and that you didn't receive all the acclaim that you should have at the time.

Hope you can get back on stage at some point.

Best wishes

Sergey said...


I'd like to wish you Marry Christmas and happy New Year 2010!!
Your songs are always come along with me through the years of my life. Thank you so much!!! I pray for your recovery and I do beleive that you win!

Sergey Novikov
Russia, St.Petersburg

Carlos -> Portugal said...

my pray and wishes Andy get fine..
Right now not even wishing he back to stage.. Shure he will be there without even our advise ;-)
my christmas and new year wish..
GET BETTER, please .. simplly to be a inspiration to my son.

Carlos said...

just to the proprietary of this blog:
can you post the actual status of Andy ?

Merry christmas

Anonymous said...

Hello, Andrew!!!!
My heart with you!
Thank you for talent which you were partaken with us. You must know that your music is light for many souls. If the people of oll of planet write you - means you need them!

Anonymous said...

God, save this kind of people,
best wishes Andy...

uno annalon said...

Please can you give us an update as the last was 2008 its now 2012. i pray and hope Andy will be ok and back to his old self. a truly nice guy . love ya man.