07 February 2008

Tiles and discipline. news...and a bit more besides

...The official Tiles "Fly Paper" CD release party details for Sunday, March 9th at the Magic Bag Theater in Ferndale, MI. Joining us for a special one-hour opening set will be the return of Discipline - reunited and hard at work preparing for their appearance at NEARfest X this summer.

Tiles with special guests Discipline
Sunday, March 9th
Tickets $10 and are on sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets & the Magic Bag box office - 18 and over please
Doors open at 7pm - show starts at 7:30pm

The Magic Bag
22920 Woodward Avenue

Ferndale, MI 48220

Telephone: (248) 544-3030

And in other newsy-type things, this time from Chad Hutchinson of NEARfest/Progressive Arts/NEARfest Records fame:

We are starting work on a PRR live album, the NF06 DVD, & a Le Orme 2CD set. Btw Keith Emerson is buying his audio and video. More news to come."


Bob B. said...

Did I ever mention the time I saw Discipline and Present for $8? Yeah I probably did...over and over again...

Bill K. said...

Yes actually...I think you have.

That pairing still blows me away.

Partha said...

Bob: would that show have been at the magic stick in detroit back in '98 or so? because if it was, I'm still kicking myself....

Bob B. said...

Partha: If I recall, it was at a place called Griff's Grill in Pontiac, but yeah, 1998! In a small upstairs room, no less. There were 25 paid attendees, and that's probably being generous. What was I thinking leaving home without the tape deck?

Adam said...

Hmm... You know, Detroit is only like 4 hours from me. On a Saturday, that's tempting.

Bill K. said...

Adam...you'll tape this, right?


Adam said...

Hmm... In the semi-unlikely event that I go, I'm semi-unlikely to tape. But I'm not gonna tell you no.