05 February 2008

News from Fish...North American tour and more

......"Finally I can provide you with some exciting tour news.

Due to recent successes in Italy last year I will be discussing more gigs there in May while I am in Milan. There is also the possibility of a show in Malta within the same time frame.

The major surprise is that out of the blue I have been offered a 4 week North American tour in June. This will include the Nearfest festival and will take in a number of US cities, coast to coast, as well as three shows in Canada. This tour is looking very positive and Yatta is confident we can make it work. The dates are already going in the book and I will let you know more about the routing and other details once I get them in this coming week. It's the first tour over there in a very long time and we will need to call on every resource we have available to make it happen.

It is highly likely that Mexican dates will be added at the end of the North American tour.

Another surprise is that we have been contacted about playing possible shows in New Zealand and Australia in February next year. This is in very early stages but to even get an offer to play down there is a first!

There's a great buzz around this project and I feel confident I have something very special happening. Any support you can give through emailing requests to radio stations, putting up tour posters or stickering stars in retail outlets etc is more than helpful and greatly welcomed.

It's our time to shine! :-)

lots of love

Onkel Fish xx

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