08 February 2008

Le Orme LIVE IN PENNSYLVANIA live release info

Le Orme headlined the 2005 iteration of NEARfest and received rapturous ovations from an audience enthralled by their lush Italian progressive music. A brief excerpt of their crowing work Felona e Sorona was included on the official NEARfest 2005 DVD, but the band has announced a 1 DVD/2 CD release titled Live in Pennsylvania which will (I hope) contain the full performance.

It was a heck of a set they performed, too...

Una dolceza nuova
Gioco di bimba
La porta chiusa
Cemento armato
Felona e sorona
Sguardo verso il cielo
Rondo e inno di mameli
Collage (ripresa)

According to Le Orme's website, the release should be available soon/now, with widespread Italian release in a March-ish timeframe. My hope is that copies will be available at NEARfest 2008 ticket sales day on 29 March...I'd love to come home with a copy and relive a great show.

In other Le Orme news, violinist/keyboardist Andrea Bassato has chosen this juncture to go his own way:

" Dear friends, after ten years of work with Le Orme I feel the need and desire to walk my way - musical and personal - through new paths and times have come for a fresh new start. As you know, everything in life constantly changes and nothing lasts forever.

It was a very intense period that I'll always remember as one of the most training ad important human and professional experience. I'm grateful to Aldo, Michi and Michele for having given me a unique opportunity and having left me a rare and precious legacy of experience and knowledge. I did my best to pay back their trust and not to disappoint their expectations : I hope I got this goal.

I want to say a very special thanks to Le Orme fans for having welcome me with great affection from the very first time and for having supported me with constant warm and exteem; deep and true friendships are born with many of them and I feel they will be long lasting.

Right now the DVD containing the gig we had some time ago in the USA is going to be released : a really amazing live document of what in my memory has been one of our best performances ever and that comes for me, after two remarkable studio records, as a perfect end of all the time spent together with my band mates. I couldn't ask for a better occasion to end this long adventure."


Adam said...

Is this coming out as NTSC, I hope? Will definitely plan to pick this up.

Bill K. said...

I certainly hope so. Chad's talking about getting some in, so I don't know if that means for the website or if he'll maybe have some on ticket day or what.

I was gonna make a "No, it'll be SECAM" joke, but that'd only be funny if it were Ange or Magma ;o)

Adam said...

Do they still even make SECAM?

Bill K. said...

Not that one should ever use Wikipedia as a primary source, but apparently a number of countries still authorise it's use:


Adam said...

Even though I shouldn't, I do constantly, especially with a topic sufficiently geeky as this. I feel like anybody who's out to vandalize, deliberately misinform, or generally write like a 12 year old is unlikely to go for a topic like the migration of SECAM to PAL. Britney Spears or, say, ponies on the other hand...