02 August 2010

Shadow Circus to play Progday 2010

For 15 years guitarist John Fontana played in numerous bands on the NYC music scene. Then he set out to create music on his own that recalled his progressive rock roots. During the process he met four other musicians who enthusiastically embraced the developing music, and Shadow Circus was born.

Often inspired by literary works from the likes of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King, the music Shadow Circus pulls from the progressive past, yet is firmly anchored in today. The symphonic label with which their recordings are usually categorized only serves to indicate a small portion of Shadow Circus’s diversity of musical exploration. Epic tracks, ballads, theatrical presentations, in-your-face rockers and everything in between are all delivered with impeccable musicianship and style. While bands like Spock's Beard, Styx, The Tangent and Crack The Sky are sometimes used to reference their sound, Shadow Circus’s personal mix of adventurousness, accessibility, drama and fun carves out its own place in the world of modern prog.

Shadow Circus is joined by Flash, Mars Hollow, The Muffins, Half Past Four and Mahogany Frog at ProgDay 2010. ProgDay is the longest running progressive rock festival in the world. The 16th edition will take place on Saturday, September 4, and Sunday, September 5, at Storybook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information, and to hear music from this year's bands, please visit us at www.progday.net. Two more bands to be announced!

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