26 August 2010

Orion Sound Studios: Post Rock weekend this weekend

(NB: the birthday referenced throughout is not Yr. Obd't Blogger's...I may be in the twilight of my youth but I haven't reached that much of my majority yet...)

What a great way to kick off the Fall 2010 showcase season! We have two shows on consecutive evenings planned, for Saturday August 28th, and Sunday August 29th. On Saturday night we welcome back Kuan, a band from Dayton, Ohio, who helped me to forget my 58th birthday earlier this year. Appearing with them will be Matta Gawa, from DC, and Nick Millevoy from the band Many Arms. Then on Sunday we have an "afternoon matinee" show featuring Baltimore's ...soihadto... (the dots are part of the name), along with The Water and Contra.

The unifying thread that links all of this weekend's music is that it is heavily influenced by the "post-rock" movement, a term that is about as nebulous and as frequently misapplied as "RIO" (and just what is post-rock, and why don't more women dig it....) So please take my descriptions with large blocks of salt - in fact just ignore them completely and visit the links for each band and listen for yourself. Be an informed consumer - but by all means do come and consume!


8:00pm Saturday, August 28th: $10 cover

KUAN are a quartet (two guitars, bass, drums) from Dayton, Ohio. Those who were at my birthday bash last spring might recall Kuan as they were the third band that evening, basically playing for free just to have the opportunity to play their music in front of an appreciative audience. They kicked butt that night so I'm really happy to welcome them back. Their music is very much reminiscent of the likes of domakesaythink and Explosions in the Sky. They claim those bands as well as Tortoise as major influences. Their show last spring was an eye opener - a cut from that performance can
be seen here:


MATTA GAWA is a drums and guitar duo whose music, largely improvisational, is influenced by music ranging from Sun Ra to Mahavishnu Orchestra to Tortoise. They have jammed and collaborated with the likes of Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), and Acid Mothers Temple. Think dark, moody, post-rock flavored spacey jams.


Opening the show will be a set by Nick Millevoy, guitarist with the Philadelphia-based trio Many Arms. He may (or may not?) be joined by a mystery guest. If so we'll all play "What's My Line" to see if we can figure out who it might be. And if you remember "What's My Line" then you, too, should try to forget your birthdays.


5:00pm Sunday, August 29th: $15 Cover

Our Sunday afternoon show will feature Baltimore-based ...SOIHADTO... You can tell they're a post-rock band by the seemingly arbitrary use of extra punctuation in their name. Thing is they aren't so much "post" as they are "rock". They can get all moody and such, but definitely rock it out. And Food Network aficionados will likely recognize drummer Duff Goldman as the star of that network's "Ace of Cakes" show. ...soihadto... released their second album, "Adventure Stories (not based on fact?) earlier this year, and have toured extensively throughout North America, and recently played at the Meadowlands sports complex in New Jersey.


Opening the show on Sunday will be The Water, a drummer (who also plays numerous electronic gadgets) and guitarist/keyboardist duo. These guys generate a seriously lush and otherworldly sound. Their compositions


Rounding out the set on Sunday will be Contra, an Annapolis-based duo (or is it trio? Their pictures show two guitarists but their MySpace only shows two names) who play a sort of progressive-tinged epic metal.


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