17 August 2010

Moraine: NEARfest 2010 photo gallery

Much like my Magma gallery from last week, here's a few selected shots from Moraine's performance at NEARfest 2010 back in June:

More photos from this performance can be found at the following link:



firefly said...

Never heard of Moraine like so many others on this blog, but about the second to last pic. Is it blurry because they were cooking or was it the camera?
I've seen pics of Steve Howe like that, blurry, but he was cooking, too, off Yessongs I think.
But, I would love to hear how Moraine's violin and sax would sound together! Cooking!

Bill K. said...

Second Last photo: I'd have to check the EXIF info on the photo, but if I recall correctly it was a 2 second exposure. Done intentionally.