19 August 2010

New double mini CD set, Two-Pack, by Robin Taylor/Taylor's Free Universe

This fall Marvel of Beauty will release a set of mini CDs; one containing brand new music from Robin Taylor; the other containing the very last studio recordings made by TFU (in February 2006).

The Robin Taylor disc features Taylor on electric guitars, bass and keyboards, Jakob Mygind on saxes, and Klaus Thrane on drums. Recorded at Soundscape and Thrane Studios.

The TFU disc features Taylor on electric guitar, Karsten Vogel on saxes, Pierre Tassone on processed violin, Assi Roar on bass, and Rasmus Grosell on drums. Recorded at Oyster Song Recording.

Both CDs will be mastered by Udi Koomran, and the total playing time will reach the limit of a good old fashioned vinyl LP.

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