09 August 2010

Magma Monday 6.5

Welcome to Just Another Magma Monday. Once a week, your obd’t narrator and occasional blogger will trawl the expanses of his Magma collection to discuss something of Zeuhl-ish importance. Whether it’s the studio albums, the best of the AKT archive releases, one of the sundry live DVDs, or a choice artifact from his ‘unofficial’ collection, one thing is for sure…for this writer, Magma iss de hundin!

This week, sit back and relax as we take a breather :-)

Hello there, Constant Reader.

Yr. obd't blogger was away much of the weekend taking care of personal matters, and as a result did not find much time to compose this week's installment of Magma Monday. He was not very prepared in advance like he likes to be.

As a result, I fear I have no new installment for this week.

I will make it up next week.

In the interim, as a bit of a breather, let me offer you this...a small selection of photographs taken at NEARfest 2007 by yours truly. I hope they'll tide you over until next week. You can click on the photos to see larger versions, and a link to the full gallery is available below.

Thanks, and regular programming resumes soon!


There are more Magma NEARfest 2007 photos available for your viewing HERE.

(all photos above: Copyright 2007 Bill Knispel.)


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures; but on the last one, is that a guy? LOL.
What does "your obd't narrator" mean?
And, How do you find the time to listen and view so much music? It's your full time job, right?
I tend to stick to my favs, having quite a few CDs I play my favs mostly, like genesis and yes, etc.
But I did discover TFK via the underground circuit of prog.

Bill K. said...

Yes, that's a guy. Christian Vander, to be precise. Magma's founder and drummer.

Obd't is short/archaic for obedient.