29 September 2008

Some Updates/Blog News

I wanted to make a quick post, after a long weekend, to update you, Constant Readers, with an idea of what will be coming this week and in weeks to follow.

I had made brief mention of an idea for a regular interview feature. This is definitively a go. I have contacted a number of musicians, all of whom have expressed interest in participating. This will be in an abbreviated, '10 questions with' type format. I've already got the following people lined up for interviews in the coming weeks:

Dave Kerman
(Thinking Plague/Present/5UUs/et cetera)
Cyndee Lee Rule
(solo artist, has played with Nik Turner, Harvey Bainbridge, Systems Theory)
Lynnette Shelley
(The Red Masque)
Matthew Parmenter
Bill Berends
Gary Lauzon
(The Rebel Wheel)

Alan Benjamin
Frank Camiola
(Cardboard Amanda/Frogg Cafe)
Graeme Murray

There's several other people I am waiting on response from, so rather than tease names that might not come to pass, I'll leave you with that tantalizing list.

I still have several albums and DVDs that I plan on covering for you all soon...I've not forgotten about them. Expect the
Spock's Beard and Marillion live DVD reviews soon. I'm also going to be taking a look at Robin Taylor's newest group, Art Cinema (which I posted about HERE).

And as a final update, here's what I've been treating my ears to the past few days...

Premiata Forneira Marconi
- Per un Amico
Premiata Forneria Marconi
- Storia di un Minuto
- Prologue
- Ashes are Burning
- Scheherazade and Other Stories
- 1001 Degrees Centigrades
- Kohntarkosz
- UK
- Danger Money
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
- Da qui messere si domina la valle

What have YOU been listening to?

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