30 September 2008

LAZULI signed to ROSfest 2009

LAZULI are a French rock ensemble from the region of Alès, France, currently recognized as an arousing, enchanting and vigorous prog rock band. The band was formed in 1998 and is made up by a sextet Yohan Simeon (percussion), Frederik Juan (stand-up drumkit/percussions, respectively assorted percussion, marimba or vibraphone), Sylvan Bayol (Chapman Stick & Warr Guitar), Dominic Leonetti (vocalist, lyricist and acoustic guitars), Claude Leonetti (La Léode, a midi-electronic plug-guitar instrument), and Gédéric Byar (guitar).

To date the band have produced three albums. Lazuli (1999) - Amnésie (2004) - En avant doute (2007). Their live performance is what makes this band very special and it is the style of music that makes them want to be seen live. Their music has been best described as a blend of prog rock, retro and modern spots weaved together with alternative/warm world music – the edge between pop and rock with heavy beats and rhythmic sounds creates a lush musical landscape.

Lazuli comprehends a strange and rare set of instruments, such as Marimba, Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, Vibes, several Percussions and a "Léode" (an instrument invented by band member Claude Leonetti). And instead of presenting the listeners with off-topic, strange and unapproachable musicality, the band focus on the creation of emotional landscapes, driven by the excellent vocals of Dominic Leonetti and the thoughtful construction of the musical architectures.

Lazuli's concerts have an unexpected quality, most of their musical shows being appreciated or even well-awaited. Except a 1999 notable concert, held at FIMU in Belfort, most of the band's important concerts were held in these recent years. In July 2005, their attendance at the Montreux Jazz Festival earned them acclaim, plus an award for best rock band "Under The Sky Award". The band has been invited twice to play the Baja Prog Festival which has improved their popularity. They have been invited by the legendary group Ange and played a full concert in Bergerac, Dordogne (France). They have played at the German festivals Colos-Saal, KOMMZ-Festival and they've repeated some of the German stage previous performances, while every new programmed event is spot on interesting. In 2008 the band headlined the prestigious Burg Herzberg Festival to a crowd of over 2500.

Popular, yet not hesitantly remarkable, LAZULI are recommended for their resounding artistry, playing a lot of art rock, and modern concept music.

Lazuli have already won the hearts of the RoSfest promoters and are ready to embark onto RoSfest with an outstanding and stunning performance. Look for them to headline on Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.

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