28 September 2008

Curved Air continues reunion

9/27/2008 - London, UK - After a thrilling performance at this year's Isle of Wight Festival, the legendary progressive rock band Curved Air's re-union Tour continues with 6 more U.K concerts in October, an Italian mini tour in mid November and Japanese dates in Jan 2009. Curved Air's new album Reborn (Classic Curved Air Revisited) is available at all concerts and from www.curvedair.com

Curved Air originally formed in 1969. They were a groundbreaking progressive art-rock band renowned for their showmanship. Each member pushed the boundaries of possibilities for rock music performance. Darryl Way with his flamboyant virtuoso exploration of electric violin, Francis Monkman with his brilliant innovative sound manipulation using the VCS3 synthesiser, keyboards and fiery intricate guitar playing. and Florian's expressive approach to rock drumming. Vocalist Sonja Kristina won the hearts of a generation of music lovers and was voted top British Female Vocalist of the 70's whilst the three top twenty albums that this lineup released are regarded as classics.

Curved Air's current line-up features three original members - the pioneering rock violinist, Darryl Way, with drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa plus new members Andy Christie on Guitar and Chris Harris on Bass - and of course iconic vocalist Sonja Kristina.

Curved Air vocalist Sonja Kristina's other project in collaboration with composer/ producer Marvin Ayres (www.marvinayres.com) is called MASK and on October 6th they release a single and video 'Technopia' ahead of their forthcoming second album release. The Technopia video is directed by Pavel Rudanovsky and features London Clubland celebrity Mika Doll. Technopia is currently in heavy rotation at art/gothic clubs, and at London fashion events popular with the fashion, art and experimental clubbing audience.

MASK will appear in national in-club PAs during the autumn, and a series of performances to promote the single and the forthcoming album 'Technopia' are being planned for 2009. The audience will experience an ambient Tim Burtonesque contemporary gothic show with artist and director Pavel Rudanovsky and his event styling team Unfashion Events. The performances will feature exciting artistic visual effects and 3D technology.

The first MASK album, 'Heavy Petal', was released in Dual Disc format (CD and DVD) in 2005. MASK toured extensively throughout the UK, playing many festivals including several stages at Glastonbury, clubs and new music venues.

'Heavy Petal' video "Lambent Spire" was selected for film festivals in London and Europe, and the dance mix of the track "Waking the Dream" charted in the Music Week club charts in 2006.

Check out the 'Technopia' video on youtube:



08-Oct Queens Hall, Edinburgh

09-Oct The Duchess, York

11-Oct Union Chapel, London

12-Oct Colchester Arts Centre

30-Oct Holmfirth Picturedome, Nr Huddersfield

31-Oct Stables, Milton Keynes

13-Nov Italy

14-Nov Italy

15-Nov Italy

16-Nov Italy

2009 CLUB CITTA', Kawasaki (Tokyo) / gig

16-Jan 2 shows

17-Jan (Kawasaki is a satellite city of Tokyo)

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music obsessive said...

Hi Bill - nice post. Curved Air is one of my all-time favourite bands and I think the 'Reborn' album is actually one of their best. I prefer the early albums but own them all (for better and worse!) and have seen them live countless times from about 1972 onwards. Unfortunately I missed them on their current tour as the gig near me at Milton Keynes sold out in a blink (venue too small!) Still, great to hear Sonja still in such fine voice - better actually than the late 70s when she was prone to overdo it a bit.

I reviewed 'Reborn' some time back on my 'Music Obsessive' blog (http://mwarminger.blogspot.com/2008/07/curved-air-reborn.html)

Nice blog - kep up the good work.