25 September 2008

Forthcoming articles and features...

I have the following planned for the next few days, time and energy permitting:

A long overdue review of the recent Spock's Beard Live DVD and 2-CD set
A long overdue review of the recent Marillion 2-DVD release Somewhere in London

A look at three recent releases from the newly christened Wacken Records label, covering cult Aussie pub rockers Rose Tattoo, NWOBHM stalwarts Girlschool and newer gothic metal band Forever Slave. No, it's not prog, but they were sent to me, and I will be covering them.

A look at the new Axel Rudi Pell release Tales of the Crown (European metal) and the newest release from 1980's thrashers Metal Church, This Present Wastelend (Kurdt Vanderhoof is also the founder member of prog band Presto Ballet).

I'm looking at maybe trying to get a weekly "10 Questions With..." feature going, about which more as it gels.

Remember, no promises on timing on any of this...when it gets up here, you'll be the second to know. The engines are still being primed here...we're not quite fully ready for takeoff again.

Thanks for reading.

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