02 October 2010

Orion Progressive Showcase: Uz Jsme Doma and Inzinzac on 9 October

8:00pm Saturday Night, October 9th
The Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcases at Orion Studios
2903 Whittington Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

Uz Jsme Doma
(from the Czech Republic)
with guests:

(from the Republic of Philadelphia)

Please join us as we welcome Czech legends Uz Jsme Doma back to the Orion Studios stage on Saturday night, October 9th! Below is a link to complete information regarding this show - which also contains a complete Orion Studios Fall 2010 Showcase Schedule with links to each band's website or MySpace page. Because the PE forum software has trouble with large postings I'm breaking this one into several posts. Hope you can make it - this is going to be one hell of a show!

Be here as we welcome back Czech rockers Uz Jsme Doma to the Orion Studios stage! Uz Jsme Doma is a living, fire-breathing alt-rock rock legend: one of "the two great Bastions of the Czech alternative scene," said the Prague Post, which ranked them in importance beside the Plastic People of the Universe. In 1989, when the Velvet Revolution ended Czechoslovakia's communist rule, Už Jsme Doma burst like a fireball from unlocked doors and began taking siege of every public stage worldwide. Since then, the band has blazed across multiple continents to perform literally thousands of concerts (they will celebrate playing their 2000th concert in March 2011), and played 50 to 60 shows annually for fans back home. To these audiences, Už Jsme Doma's music - rooted in punk's DIY ethic and driven by progressive and avant-garde musics' post-modern scavenger aesthetic - was the symbol of artistic freedom: the freedom to create without boundaries or restrictions.

For 25 years, the band's music has ignored genre walls, absorbing varied influences from punk rock (the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Damned), from avant-garde and avant-progressive bands (the Residents, Pere Ubu, Chrome, Fred Frith, Henry Cow and the Rock in Opposition movement), and even from folk music of its native land. It has also transcended artistic media. The band's leader Miroslav Wanek, who is also its composer, lyricist, and lead vocalist, maintains that Už Jsme Doma's music is "three parts: music, pictures and lyrics," and that artist Martin Velisek, who designs all band artwork, is a full band member whose "instruments" are brushes and paints. This multi-media emphasis allies the Czech band with the Residents and Sleepytime Guerilla Museum, two bands whose members have collaborated with Už Jsme Doma in the past. For its newest project, Caves / Jeskyne¡, Už Jsme Doma collaborated for the first time with the American label Cuneiform  to release its 7th album in North America and Western Europe. The CD is accompanied by a 12-page booklet featuring Velisek's artwork and English translations of Wanek's lyrics. The album's 11 songs create a potent and improbable mix of avant-punk's power, aggression, and urgency, and progressive rock's compositional complexity and thematic integrity. In Caves, Už Jsme Doma mines a motherload of rock music, extracts fragments of gems from both East and West, and forges the fertile ore into its own unique sound. Forged in Prague amidst that capital city's 21st C. renassiance, from choice elements mined locally and in the West, Už Jsme Doma's dynamic and confident new music heralds the dawn of New Europe as it emerges from the shadows to its west.

Inzinzac (named after a small town in France) are a alt-jazz/rock trio from Philadelphia formed by French guitarist/accordionist Alban Baily. Joined by saxophonist Dan Scofield (Shot x Shot) and Normal Love drummer Eli Litwin, the band plays a rough-edged cerebral music that shares common elements with Balkan, jazz, free improvisation and rock. Their music includes traces of Soft Machine, Ivo Papasov, and even a bit of '70s Miles Davis. Imagine "...Albert Ayler and Dave Lombardo stumblin onto a gypsy caravan and jamming with the locals under the influence of a full moon." (Shaun Brady - Philadelphia City Paper)

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