02 October 2010

The State of the Blog 2 October 2010

Hello and welcome to our first October State of the Blog report, fuelled today by Gatorade and Rum.  Don’t knock it till you try it.

September ended up by far the busiest month in the blog’s history, and frighteningly had almost as many posts in it as the entire year of 2009.  Yes, 2009 was a crap year for posting, but there you have it.  Heck of a month, September 2010…102 posts, the release of Opeth’s career-spanning live DVD/CD boxed set, and a drummer leaving a major prog metal band.  For the entire month of September, we had (looks at numbers) over 7000 visits (7166 to be exact) and over 10000 page views.  To say I am absolutely gobsmacked by these numbers is an understanding of epic proportions.  Looking at stuff like that, it makes me more motivated to keep things going (not that I needed it, mind).  Thank you so much for enjoying the effort I have put into making this blog as successful as it has been.

There’s more coming in October, of course…I will not tip my hand, but so much more heading your way.  I’m working on a few major interviews (fingers crossed!), there’s a ton of great CD reviews coming, and all the stuff you’ve come to expect here.  I have a ton of Magma stuff for Magma Monday (finally dug the rest of my discs out of boxes, so a good bit of the Akt Records discog is in hand now again!), some great symph and metal and avant CDs sitting in my pile to be reviewed, and so on.  A half dozen interviews completed and ready to share.  Concert reviews…so much proggy goodness.  At times I want to post it all right away, but then I’d have no backlog ;-)

Last week I shared a top 10 list of overall pages viewed…this week our top 10 is the top 10 accessed CD reviews to date…

1 Steve Morse/Sarah Spencer – Angelfire
2 Frogg Café – Bateless Edge
3 Hawkwind – Blood of the Earth
4 Opeth – Live in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall
5 Jose Carballido – Requiem
6 Edensong – Echoes of Edensong
7 American Hollow – Whisper Campaign
8 Trey Gunn – Modulator
9 Renaissance – The Mystic and the Muse
10 Eloy – Visionary

And as has become tradition of late, my listening list…

Shadow Gallery – Whispers and Screams
Canvas Solaris – Irradiance
Delain – Lucidity
Soft Machine – Drop
Electric Sorcery – II
Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini
Enslaved – Vertebrae
Enslaved – Ruun
White Willow – Ignis Fatuus
Half Past Four – Rabbit in the Vestibule
19 A.D.D. – Dead River
Magma – Les Voix
Vacuum Tube Head - Thirteen!

Going to be away most of the weekend, I wager…but a regular week ahead without worry.

Take care, have fun, prog out!  See you on Magma Monday!

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