07 October 2010

4th BPB Poll results


The fourth BPB poll was one I was looking forward to running for a long time...reader's favourite King Crimson album.  KC is a band that means so very much to me, as anyone who knows me closely can attest.  Even though I (grumble grumble stupidbloodycarin2003grrhate) never got to see the band live in concert, I've probably listened to more King Crimson than any other band (if you add in all the concert recordings I've been lucky enough to acquire over the years).

Usually with polls I have some preconceived notions how they'll go.  Much the same is true here...I had a feeling the top albums would be Red and In the Court, and I was not at all mistaken.  Until the final day, the two were tied for total votes...and they nearly ended up tied too.

There were some surprises though.

I expected Discipline to end up polling higher.  4th isn't a disappointment, but I figured for sure it'd have come in above Larks.  The other huge surprise for me was how low The Power to Believe came in.  I know a lot of people who find that album to be a modern KC classic, so to finish with only 3 votes out of over 200 cast was a complete shock to me.

In any event...213 votes total, which I believe is tops for a poll on this site to date.

And a new poll to follow this weekend...be ready!

Red  50 (23%)
In the Court of the Crimson King  49 (23%)
Larks Tongues in Aspic  29 (13%)
Discipline  24 (11%)
Lizard  17 (7%)
Islands  12 (5%)
Starless and Bible Black  12 (5%)
Three of a Perfect Pair  5 (2%)
THRaK  5 (2%)
In the Wake of Poseidon  3 (1%)
The Power to Believe  3 (1%)
The ConstruKCtion of Light  2 (0%)
Beat  2 (0%)

Votes : 213
Closed 2 October 2010 11:59 PM
Poll Length: 14 days


Anonymous said...

If that might be of some comfort to you, I missed KC in 2003 too - and they were playing in Rome at a venue that's quite close to my former home. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well at the time (the summer of 2003 was incredibly hot),so I missed them... And never got the chance to see them again!

Bill K. said...

I was less than 20 minutes from the show when my car broke down :-(

Anonymous said...

I saw the "Discipline" tour - I'm thinking it was at the Agora in Cincinnati. They did a lot of gigs at that time with Adrian Belew, Bruford and stickman Tony Levin.
Then again the next year in Cinci if I recollect on "Three of a Perfect Pair."
Belew was pretty hyper, but both shows were cool, no one was playing music like them as Robert said one time.
Sorry you both missed them!
Fripp sat in a chair most of the time when he played.
I don't think they played any older material - both shows.

firefly said...

I don't mean to overkill this post, but I'm curious if anyone knows if KC toured much in their beginning years?
Did they tour with "In the Court of the Crimson King?" Did they tour with John Wetton, Greg Lake, Sinfield and Ian McDonald, at all?
(Hope I have my facts straight here; not sure if this info is available in/on researching them.)
I do know that Bill Bruford tried for a long time to get in the band, and finally Robert told him: "I think you are ready now, Bill!" Sort of funny, Robert the perfectionist!

Anonymous said...

I answered ALL my own questions here:
firefly - now I know ...

geemarcus said...

Top three is no surprise to me, as "Larks" got my vote. I shouldn't think "The Power to Believe's" placement is all that suprising. Yeah, it's a great album, but I'm shocked that it's anyone's favorite when those that came in the top 4 are all in the running. The only thing I find shocking is that "Starless" was beaten by both "Lizard" and particularly "Islands", but then again I'm pretty biased towards the Larks/Starless/Red era. I'll refrain from listing all the KC shows I've attended but I can't miss an opportunity to gloat that I was in the second row for whichever tour John Paul Jones opened for (ConstruKction of Light IIRC).