01 October 2010

ROSFEST announces Poland's Osada Vida for 2011

RoSfest is pleased to announce Poland's Osada Vida. The band is Adam Podzimski - drums & percussion, Lukasz Lisiak - bass, vocal, Rafal Paluszek - keyboards and Bartek Bereska -Guitars. To date the band has recorded 5 albums. 

Critical Moment (2000)
Osada Vida (2004) 
Three Seats Behind A Triangle (2006) 
The Body Parts Party (2008) 
Uninvited Dreams (2009)

In 2007 the band signed to Poland's Metal Mind Productions. For MMP Osada Vida recorded the next two full - length albums: The Body Parts Party (2008) and very highly acclaimed Uninvited Dreams (2009).

The music has been warmly received throughout Europe, The USA and Latin America, and is currently garnering excellent reviews for their critically acclaimed Uninvited Dreams album.

The band has extensively toured with the likes of Fish, Riverside, Believe, The Black Noodle Project and many others.

As time passed, Osada Vida started to play heavier, on one side, but on the other side, they incorporated more jazzy and ambient elements with a little bit of electronics. They are still developing their music, so no one knows where music will lead them… but we know that RoSfest will have them for a day on May 21st 2011 as our first band for the Saturday lineup.

Osada Vida official website - www.osadavida.art.pl
Osada Vida Myspace site www.myspace.com/osadavida
Osada Vida Youtube site - www.youtube.com/osadavida

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