03 June 2009

Now Listening to 1st week June 2009

As we rev things back up, here's a taste of what I have been listening to:

IQ - Frequency. The new album. Expect a review post tomorrow.
Taylor's Universe - Return to Whatever. Expect a review by the end of the week.

UFO - The Visitor. I should be reviewing this next week.

Magnum - Into the Valley of the Moon King

Oceansize - Frames (US edition w/DVD)

All this and more to be covered soon.

And this year may well be the year of the live blog from NEARfest...details to follow!


Mark Guenther said...

I'm really enjoying 'Frequency.' The drumming is an upgrade, the new keyboardist is working out well, and PN has never sounded better. Also, the production is stellar. Very open, and the music has room to breathe. It's obviously identifiable as IQ, and at this point, I'd probably rank this as their 3rd best album.
OK, that's my bit, now where's your review? ;-)

firefly said...

I saw UFO in the 70s and they weren't a prog band back then; is this UFO here you mention the same rock band from the 70s with a hit called "rock bottom?"

Bill K. said...

Mark - your IQ review was posted today :-) Apologies for the delay...what can I say, life has been hectic. I need to re-prioritise.

Firefly - I am not overly familiar with UFO, but this album is pretty classic hard rock in a solid 70's vibe. They've been around a long time...Pete Way, Phil Mogg, Andy Parker (and yes, I just looked, and they did "Rock Bottom" back when Michael Schenker was in the band)...