06 June 2009

Harmonium boxed set forthcoming


Translation follows, courtesy of Yves on ProgressiveEars:

Harmonium Will Relive On DVD

The complete works of Harmonium will be revisited in a series of 6 DVDs, documentaries, music, archive photos, and the presentation of their last concert March 4th 1977 at the Théatre Outremont. This box set is scheduled to be released November 11. TVA Films will be in charge of this project.

"Harmonium has marked an entire era and continues to capture the interest of another generation. We will travel their entire journey with them. Even their last concert will be presented in colour. Thanks to the collaboration of Serge Fiori and Louis Valois, we will re-immerse ourselves , for a moment, in history and in time. They have opened their archives. This will be a veritable collector's item with many never-before-seen images" TVA Films' Yves Dion told us.

Unique Documents

The box set contains not less than 6 DVDs.

"This will truly be a collectors item. We have completely restored, and colorised, their last concert at Thétre Outremont. From their birth, to the force of their music, to their stage presence, it's a veritable journey in the world of Harmonium that we're offering to the people. In fact we will attempt to answer 30 years of questions." added Yves Dion.

Quality Documents

How was Harmoium born? Why did the group transform from album to album? What were the circumstance surrounding the band's decision to quit recording? What became of the band members? Serge Fiori will tell his tale.

32 years after their last show, Harmonium will be granted a second life.

"Serge Fiori is very pround and so are we" concluded Yves Dion, impressed by the quality of the archives retained for the marketing of this DVD.

The Harmonium box set goes on sale November 11.

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Any word on this elusive box set? I can't seem to find information ANYWHERE on the web.