06 June 2009

NEARfest 2009...

So NEARfest 2009 is a few short weeks away.

After a lengthy period of it looking like I would not be able to attend, I was lucky enough to be deputised to work the festival this year. I'll do anything to get to see some of these bands, so it is an easy trade off.

This post is not about that.

This post is opening the floor to you, readers. I have a limited purchasing budget this year, but I am curious...what do you think I should be looking for that I might not be thinking about? Not that I have any specifics in mind, tho I plan on picking up a nice swath of Trettioariga Kriget releases that I have skipped out on in the past. But what else might I have missed over the past few months/old catalogue releases you think I can't do without?

The floor is open...let's hear some suggestions :-)


Brian Z. said...

No suggestions, but it's GOOD to see you back and writing again, sir. (Thought of you last week when we sang some Tallis. ^_^)

Enjoy the fest, whatever you buy...

Unknown said...

Here's my shopping list. I basically wait all year for NF to pick up CDs, so some of these have been out for a while.

Beardfish - Destined Solitaire
IQ - Frequency
Neal Morse - Lifeline
Pendragon - Pure
Pure Reason REvolution - Amor Omnia Vincit
Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition
Spiraling - Time Travel Made Easy
The Syn - Big Sky

Camel - Raindances (Remaster)
D.F.A. - 4th
It Bites - The Tall Ships

Good to see you blogging again, Bill :-)

Don said...

The short list:

- Mörglbl: Jazz For The Dead
- Riverside: ADHD
- Peter Hammill: Thin Air
- Camel: various remasters (I only have Moonmadness remastered - time to upgrade the rest of the collection)

If I haven't killed my budget yet:

- Beardfish: The Sane Day
- Ozric Tentacles: The Yum Yum Tree
- OSI: Blood

Mark Guenther said...

The Camel-'Raindances' remaster can be had for a pittance from amazon.co.uk. Even with the shipping to the USA it's a steal. I paired my purchase with an equally larcenous grab of the remastered Atomic Rooster-'Death Walks Behind You' CD. Run, don't walk.