23 June 2009

Beardfish/Pain of Salvation replaced on Prog Nation tour

Just read this from Mike Portnoy...when I talked to the Bearfish guys over the weekend, they were so looking forward to this tour too:

"It is with the utmost disappointment that I am forced to share the unfortunate news of both Pain Of Salvation and Beardfish having to pull out of this summer's Progressive Nation tour....

Their label Inside Out just recently lost the financial funding for the tour as a result of their distributor SPV recently claiming bankruptcy...which effectively meant that both Pain Of Salvation and Beardfish lost the tour support that was essential to their ability to come to North America for Progressive Nation.

All parties involved (myself, both bands, Inside Out, etc) are beyond devastated at this turn of events and are truly sorry to all of the fans that were looking forward to this lineup. We tried everything we could do to salvage the situation, but in the end it was not possible...

Well as the album title says, every Black Cloud does indeed have a Silver Lining....so with this unfortunate news, I bring to you the good news of 2 incredible bands that will jumping on board Progressive Nation to join Dream Theater and Zappa Plays Zappa this summer: Bigelf and Scale The Summit.

Los Angeles' Bigelf are my personal favorite new band to come along in many years...their latest CD "Cheat The Gallows" is my favorite album of the year and I already had positioned them onto the European run of Progressive Nation in the Fall....with them now joining us on PN09 in North America as well, it looks like world domination is now not that far out of reach for them! Pretty soon, everyone will hopefully be falling for their retro, psychedelic, progressive, hard rock, doom metal as hard as I have!

Houston instrumental band Scale The Summit are a recent discovery for me and their top notch musicianship will be a perfect fit to this Progressive Nation lineup stylistically falling very nicely between the musicality of Dream Theater and Zappa Plays Zappa. They bring the instrumental elements of prog rock and fusion into today's contemporary hard rock/metal sounds and are one of the most talented group of young musicians I've seen assembled in many years.

Once again, apologies to anybody disappointed in this unexpected and unavoidable lineup change...but the circumstances were beyond our control... In any event, PN09 will carry on and still deliver the most musical bang for its buck this summer throughout North America and we look forward to sharing the evening with you!

Your Progressive Rock Ambassador,
Mike Portnoy "


Kim said...

I am so very sad about this news. Sad for the bands as well as myself. I want to see them succeed!

Bill K. said...

I am more sad for the bands than for myself, as I am really not one for the large venue show anymore...I have gotten spoiled with smaller club shows, the NJ Proghouse shows, and things like NEARfest. I like being up close and personal with the bands, and hell...I spent an entire weekend with the guys from Beardfish a few feet away. How cool is that? But for them, absolutely...this tour would have been a major boost for their careers, and now it's gone. I just hope that this can get sorted and another opportunity presents itself...

Anonymous said...

"Their label Inside Out just recently lost the financial funding for the tour as a result of their distributor SPV recently claiming bankruptcy"
Hope this will not stop or interrupt other Inside/Out groups' progress/success in any or other ways, like the Flower Kings.