26 June 2009

List: Officially released NEARfest shows

As inspired by tehcrazydiamond, here's what I believe is a fairly exhaustive, but probably missing a few, list of NEARfest performances which have seen official release. Performers with a NFR in parenthesis have seen their show released on NEARfest Records, otherwise the info in said parenthesis will generally list title and/or label the performance was released on.

NEARfest 1999
Mastermind (StellarVox)

Spock's Beard (part of Live at Nearfest and the Whiskey, Radiant)

Nathan Mahl (NFR)

NEARfest 2000

DFA (MoonJune Records)

Thinking Plague (NFR)

Nexus (Prog Media)

NEARfest 2001

Under the Sun (ProgRock Records)

Birdsongs of the Mezozoic (NFR)

Djam Karet (NFR)

NEARfest 2002

Caravan (CRP)

Nektar (CRP)

Steve Hackett (NFR/Camino)

Miriodor (Cuneiform, as part of Parade release)

La Torre dell'Alchemista (Marakash)

NEARfest 2003

Glass Hammer (NFR/Sound Resources)

NOTE: Magma did not allow filming or recording of their set.

NEARfest 2004

Hidria Spacefolk (NFR)

Strawbs (Witchwood Records)

NEARfest 2005

Kenso (Pathograph DVD)

Le Orme (Ice Records/Sonny Boy Management, DVD/CD)

IQ (Phantom, DVD)

Steve Roach (NFR)

NEARfest 2005 DVD (NFR)

Frogg Cafe (on Safenzee Diaries, 10T)

Proto-Kaw (3 tracks on DVD packed in special edition of The Wait of Glory, IOMA)

NEARfest 2006

NEARfest 2007

Izz (Doone)

Pure Reason Revolution (NFR, plus 2 songs on DVD in special edition of Vincit Amor Omnia, Superball)

NOTE: Hawkwind and Magma did not allow filming or recording of their sets.

Rumoured for possible future release (NB: these are just rumours based on best available information, and as such should be taken with as many grains of salt as you'd like):

Yezda Urfa (Marc Miller has been mixing, and in November 2008 mentioned he was close to a final mix)

Banco 2008

Camel 2003 (possible DVD)

Riverside 2006 (possible DVD, original rumour was that it would be packaged in Special Edition of their most recent album)

FM 2006

Please also note: NEARfest is far from the only festival to have some excellent performances released officially. ProgDay, 3RP, and ROSfest, among others, have seen some excellent live releases come from their festival performers and performances.

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firefly said...

I'd be interested in hearing the FM and Hackett releases.
John Wetton played w/ Hackett for a minute.
I don't see FM as being prog though ... nor UFO for that matter; anyone know if there are two UFO bands?