10 March 2009

ProgDay announces the return of FRENCH TV

ProgDay is happy to announce the return of FRENCH TV to the Storybook Farm stage. The band put on a memorable performance at ProgDay in 1997, so we thought it was high time to have them back again.

FRENCH TV is based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Led by founder, bassist and main composer MIKE SARY, FRENCH TV’s music is challenging and complex. They are often compared to bands like NATIONAL HEALTH, SOFT MACHINE, BRUFORD, BRAND X and HAPPY THE MAN, and their sense of humor recalls FRANK ZAPPA and SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA.

Since their beginning in 1983, the band has released 8 studio albums and 1 live album to great reviews from both the progressive rock press and fans. The band’s most recent album, “This Is What We Do,” was released in 2006 and continues their tradition of creativity and risk-taking.

The band has also toured all over the world, gaining an international audience. Along with their previous ProgDay performance, the band's festival appearances include Baja Prog in Mexico (2003), The Gouveia Art Rock Festival in Portugal (2005), and The Altrock Festival in Italy (2008). Returning to the US festival scene, French TV will be sure to provide another unforgettable performance at ProgDay 2009.

ProgDay is the world's longest running progressive rock event. The 15th edition will take place on September 5th & 6th, 2009, at beautiful Storybook Farm near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Join us for another great weekend of the best in progressive music! For more information and to hear music from announced bands MÖRGLBL and FRENCH TV, please visit us at

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