03 March 2009

Gouveia Art Rock 2009 announces Stick Men

from the press release:

GOUVEIA ART ROCK 2009 proudly presents...


Focused on exploring the unique sound of the Chapman stick, the project combines Bernier's highly technical experimentalism with Levin's and Mastelotto's avant-garde maturity, with a strong emphasis on rhythm and electronics in compositions that carry a slight influence from the latter period of Robert Fripp's Crimson music.

Tony Levin's well-known passion for the Chapman stick inevitably had to lead to the creation of a musical project dedicated to this instrument. The idea took shape in 2007, when Levin recorded his latest solo album,'Stick Man'. Among others, the album included Pat Mastelotto, Levin's companion throughout many adventurous years with King Crimson, and indirectly Michael Bernier, a master of the Stick, and whose technique Levin admires greatly. The year after, the trio founded Stick Men and eventually began performing last October.

Despite being a recent project and not having recording any album of their own, Stick Men is a musical project whose stage performances must not be missed for the sheer talent of Bernier and Levin' and Mastelotto's vast experience - with the former having played with some of the most important English progressive acts, from King Crimson to Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel's band and Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, and the latter having played in countless highly renowned projects such as King Crimson, XTC, Mr. Mister, KTU, The Flower Kings and Tuner, with whom he performed at the 2007 GAR.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Didn't know Tony played with the Flower Kings - bet Jonas was jealous - maybe not - Jonas seems really cool - and Karmechanic is great!
I've seen Levin live with Gabriel, and some footage with ABWH - he is really awesome! And plays regular basses, too, and fretlesses.

Bill K. said...

The later, meaning Mastelotto.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if I blundered; but Mastelotto played in similar bands as Tony which threw me off - thanks for the correction.