18 March 2009

King Crimson 5.1 mixes due soon

(Thanks to Luis T. on PMS for bringing this to my attention)

As posted to Steven Wilson's webpage on 17 March:

"King Crimson's label DGM have announced that they will start to release Steven's 5.1 surround sound mixes of the King Crimson back catalogue in June, with "Lizard" and "Red", followed by a special 40th anniversary edition of "In the Court of the Crimson King" in October. Where appropriate new stereo mixes and out-takes / alternates have also been mixed, although we don't know yet if DGM will approve these for release as part of the new editions."

Steven did the surround mixes for the albums at his studios over the past not sure I remember how many months. Robert Fripp has had a good bit to say about this project in his diaries on DGM Live.

Certainly something interesting to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what "alternatives" there are available and how they were done - guess I will do some researching ...
I went to the Fripp "diaries" and didn't see much, or else I did something wrong.
However, whenever I see "remixes" I think of rap, and a waste of my time, too, just added junk for money! Oh well, what do I know? I do know I've seen King Crimson with Buford, Belew and stickman, Tony Levin and it was pretty damn good! I was too young to see the original King Crimson but heard Greg Lake was with them for a short while. I have many of K/C's tapes, etc.
PS. (And I have heard Fripp is quite the perfectionist). LOL
PSS. oops, 'surround sound mixes' cool beans!

Unknown said...

Steven Wilson is doing Dolby 5.1 surround versions of the KC catalog, because Fripp trusts SW is interesting, they share the best drummer in the world in Gavin Harrison, (well Danny Carey, Jon Theodore, and Gavin Harrison are pretty close). Anyway SW has already won a few Grammy's for his surround versions of Porcupine Tree albums. The catalog is in good hands.

I've been listening to Insurgentes this week. Amazing album, amazing production. Track 5 takes the current Crimson Rhythm section and seems to throw down a bit of a challenge to Fripp, a bit of "see what I can do with these guys Bob?" Even the title, "no twilight in the hearts of the sun", screams KC.

I love Fripp's work on the Fear of a Blank Planet companion EP, "Nil Recurring", if you combine the full length Fear with the EP, it fills out 70 minutes nicely.