18 March 2009

Pallas: demos up!


"It's unclear whether this is a 're-imagining' or a straightforward sequel, but the new Pallas album sees the band returning to the extended musical themes and narrative arc of 'The Sentinel' album.

It's twenty-five years since the Crystal Dome vanished beneath the ocean waves. East no longer threatens West, but already the lessons learned from that confrontation have been forgotten.

Humanity has found new ways to express its darker side, and growing insecurity and diminishing resources have exposed fresh divisions.

Has the time come for The Sentinel to rise again?"

4 demos for the new project have been posted for your aural pleasure :-)

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Unknown said...

Bill, I used to write for Krimson-News.com, I've done interviews with Peter Hammil, Tony Levin, Aloke Dutta and others. Love your blog. My blog is a politics blog, but my heart is with progressive music, I have a radio station,

Just wanted to let you know that you're doing good work. Keep it up. Maybe someday we could combine forces with a comprehensive blog that does music, film review, political commentary, etc.