23 April 2008

The Red Masque - Fossil Eyes release forthcoming

News courtesy of TRM vocalist Lynnette Shelley:

The Red Masque are pleased to announce that work on their new album, Fossil Eyes, is finally complete and is being sent off to the record label. Vonorn wrapped up productions this weekend, and the final song list is below:

01. The Spider Is the Web
02. Carbon 14

03. Gliese 138

04. Das Snail

05. The Worm

06. Carbon 13

07. Lost in the Petrified Forest

08. The Hive

09. Polyphemus

10. Metamorphosis

11. The Anti-Man (Not Afraid)

To see a picture of the cover, go to:

As soon as the band has release date information from the label or further details, we will let you know.

As a reminder, The Red Masque will be performing on May 2nd in Philadelphia at Germ Books and Gallery (2005 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125; 215.423.5002). This concert is featured as part of Philly's "First Friday" Arts Crawl. Show time is 7 PM and admission is FREE but donations accepted. This will be a very intimate concert experience with a limited number of seating. Germ Books is also an unusual space and describes itself as an "alternative independent bookstore that [provides] access to ideologically unpopular books; books that address difficult social topics; books that don't cater to the lockstep mentality of the current counterculture; and books that reveal who our true masters are: The UFO Overlords."

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