26 April 2008

BTW, for those keeping score at home, yesterday saw the 100th post in this blog.

And now for something completely different...here are some interesting and enlightening interviews with a plethora of progressive artists:


Adrian Belew
John Wetton
Bernardo Lanzetti
Al DiMeola
Robert Fripp
Bill Bruford
Phil Collins
and John Goodsall

Hopefully more are forthcoming...it's a nice collection of info indeed.


firefly said...

Watched a little of Phil and John, aka Brand X, they are joking about. I have a few Brand X things but have never seen them live. Of course they disbanded long ago.
I think Phil Collins has more money now than Paul McCartney. What do they do with all of it?
Hey Bill, do you consider Rush to be any bit of prog at all?
(ps. i hate dial up, youtubes are so slow :-(

Bill K. said...

Depends on your definition of prog.

They have shifted tone/style from album to album. That is progression. Older albums definitively saw compostitions with progressive hallmarks all over them.

So they were/still are/might yet be.