28 April 2008

Frogg Cafe updates - and a note on this blog

I tried posting this yesterday, but Blogger was being difficult.

The original line-up of the band is in the studio right now recording our 4th studio album. Last month we laid down the foundation tracks for tunes called Terra Sancta (Sussman), From the Fence (Lieto), and Move Over I'm Driving (Lieto) and in mid-May we are going to attempt to lay down guitarist's Frank Camiola's latest epic called Belgian Boogie Board. You won't be spinning "Boogie Board" at your grandmother's 90th birthday party unless you tragically want it to end early. Hold onto your Charles Ives knickers for this one.

This is the longest break we've ever taken from playing live shows and we definitely miss it. But it has given us the freedom to concentrate on this CD which we are having a blast creating for you. I'm sure that once this CD is done we'll be able to play some shows as long as we get some prog fans who don't mind changing a diaper or two for us in the parking lot. And NO, it's not for our drummer. How dare you. He may be old, but he is spry.

See you soon.

Frogg Cafe




I'll keep this simple and to the point. When I started this blog, I opened up anonymous replies to allow people who were reading an opportunity to comment on posts and allow their viewpoints and opinions to be heard as well. I will not support or allow discourse that is less than civil on this blog. I trust that is something that is easy enough to achieve.

I do NOT want to remove or delete comments. But should there be further replies similar in tone to the one received this morning I will re-evaluate the anonymous poster policy.

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