25 April 2008


The only time you will see music downloads advertised here is if a) they are free, b) officially sanctioned by the band or label in question, and c) posed on the band or label's website.

Having said all of this, here's a few free official downloads that have been (proverbially) rocking my socks the past week or so. And they are tangentially prog too!

Two free official downloads through the Roadrunner Records (the band's label) website. The first link takes you to a page where you can download the song "The Lotus Eaters," the second takes you to a page where you can download the video for their new song "Porcelain Heart." Both songs are from Opeth's album Watershed, due to be released in June 2008.

The Lotus Eaters
Porcelain Heart

Please note the video may not necessarily be 100% safe for work, so keep that in mind. I find it to be very evocative, spooky, and well shot.

The first chance to listen to the title track from their forthcoming 2-CD concept album Nostradamus, also due June 2008. Orchestral, with classic Rob Halford screams. Considering how important early JP albums (Sad Wings of Destiny, et al) were to the creation of progressive metal, this may be a must listen. The Epic Records website is a bit touchier to navigate through than Roadrunner's, which pretty much pots stuff right out in front, but it's worth the effort (in my opinion).


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