24 April 2008

2 ROSfest updates


regrettably announces that Ryo Okumoto is unable to perform at Rosfest. We are all upset, including Ryo who was greatly looking forward to this. This is unavoidably due to travel issues from his current home on the island of Fukue, Japan 800 miles from Tokyo. However, Erik Norlander keyboardist for Asia (featuring John Payne), Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists has kindly agreed to fill in for Ryo on this date.

The Rebel Wheel:

RoSfest announces The Rebel Wheel to play at a free after hours party at the Holiday Inn host hotel on Friday night after the Friday night showcase. The Rebel Wheel are a modern progressive-rock ensemble based out of Ottawa Ontario. With influences that range from Gentle Giant to Frank Zappa via Genesis and Rush, the band features a frenetic mix of rock aggression, odd-meter vamps, and turn-on-a-dime arrangements. Originally formed in 1991 as a fusion-based midi ensemble, the floating lineup has gradually solidified to the current five piece featuring Aaron Clark - Drums, Ken Kanwisher - Keyboards, Cello, David Campbell - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards - Gary Lauzon - Bass, Bass Pedals, Keyboards and Angie MacIvor - Sax, Vocals, Keyboards. Since its inception, the music has focused more on modern and traditional Progressive Rock.

Look for them to play on May 2nd after the Friday night showcase at the Holiday Inn at the main bar.


firefly said...

Question: Can someone verify ... on Asia, isn't their keyboardist Jeff Downs? I know who John Payne is, but I surely hope Bill meant that Erik Norlander was just a backup keyboardist in Asia, or has John gone on with Asia w/o Jeff?

Bill K. said...

There are two Asia bands now: the original (Howe/Wetton/Palmer/Geoff Downes) and Asia Featuring John Payne, which is John Payne/Guthrie Govan/Erik Norlander/can't remember the fourth.

firefly said...

Two Asias and at one time there were two Yeses, per Bruford. All of 'em cashing in ... I know that Steve wants paid - can you blame him? (re: ABWH, too)