15 April 2008

Nektar: Book of Days out from 18 May 2008

Four years after their comeback album, Nektar will be releasing their new studio album entitled Book Of Days. The album will be released by Bellaphon on May 16th. Exactly 4 years after their last album Evolution Friday May 16th 2008 sees the release of their new work Book Of Days. Eight songs of full blown arrangements and intertwined with pure rock and soaring solos and beautiful ballads that only NEKTAR know how to do.

Already during their last Autumn tour 2007, parts of the new album were being performed, and press critics have hailed these as some of the best Nektar yet.

After several changes in the bands "live" lineup, 2 of the original members remain Roye Albrighton (guitar/lead vocals) and Ron Howden (drums/vocals) together with 2 German musicians Klaus Henatsch (keyboards/vocals) and Peter Pichl (bass/vocals). With "Book Of Days" Nektar are starting a new chapter in their career.

Nektar are scheduled to appear at the Open Air, Zeche Bochum on Sunday, 10th August 2008 with a tour in the planning for October/November 2008.

And an update from Roye Albrighton (guitar, vocals, Nektar):

"Ok, this is the situation, and think it best now before we go any further to quickly explain what BOD actually is.

Because of severe restriction imposed by events over the past 2 years, it was decided to release the pre-production version of the album (albeit with a few extra overdubs)

Neither Klaus Henatsch our keyboard player, or Peter Pichl our bass player performed on this album, also Carmine Rojas and Delmar Brown are not present.

Also due to the distance involved, and the financial restraints we found ourselves under during this period, Ron howden could also not perform on it. In fact the entire production was played and recorded by myself as a pre-production.

So..it is up to you the fans to make your own minds up whether or not to accept it for what it is.

I can only hope you will enjoy it for what it is, and now that we have moved on from the recent travesty, we can get to work on the next project that will include all of us."

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firefly said...

Seems to me, the dudes in Nektar have some high-pitched voices. I may be thinking of Mirage, voices like Starcastle has.
One of my favorite prog bands is Blue Shift!
I will look for my Nektar CD and get back to you ...